Battle in Antiquity
edited by Alan B. Lloyd

ISBN 978-1-905125-27-2, paperback, 2009,

How do fighting men act and feel in battle? How do they deal with the trauma of conflict? What determines the outcome of battle? [More details]

Julius Caesar as Artful Reporter
edited by Kathryn Welch and Anton Powell

ISBN 978-1-905125-28-9, paperback, xii+225 pp, 2009,

The writings of Julius Caesar have beguiled by their apparent simplicity. Generations of readers have been encouraged to see them as a limpid record of positive achievement. The contributors to this volume demonstrate that the appearance of simplicity is achieved by devious and accomplished art. [More details]

Organised Crime in Antiquity
edited by Keith Hopwood

ISBN 978-1-905125-29-6, paperback, xv+278 pp., 2009,

'What are states but large bandit-bands, and what are bandit bands but small states?' So asked St Augustine, reflecting on the late Roman world. [More details]

Property and Wealth in Classical Sparta
by Stephen Hodkinson

ISBN 978-1-905125-30-2, paperback, xiii+498 pp., maps, figs., 2009,

The standard image of Sparta is of an egalitarian, military society which disdained material possessions.  Yet property and wealth played a critical role in her history. [More details]

Sparta. New perspectives
edited by Stephen Hodkinson and Anton Powell

ISBN 978-1-905125-31-9, paperback, xxvi+427 pp., 2009,

The history of Sparta is increasingly seen as important, not only for its own sake, but also for understanding Athenian literature and the political history of numerous Greek states. [More details]

Thucydides. Man's place in history
by Hans-Peter Stahl

ISBN 978-1-905125-32-6, paperback, v+248 pp., 2009,

Stahl's book is widely recognised as one of the defining studies of Thucydides from the 20th century. [More details]

Vergil's Aeneid. Augustan epic and political context
edited by Hans-Peter Stahl

ISBN 978-1-905125-33-3, paperback, xxxiii+ 234 pp., 2009,

The Aeneid may be considered a test case for diverging modern methods of criticism. [More details]

Virgil the Partisan. A study in the re-integration of Classics
by Anton Powell

ISBN 13: 978-1-905125-54-8, paperback, 310 pp, 2012,

Awarded in 2011 the prize of the Vergilian Society
for `the book that makes the greatest contribution toward our
understanding and appreciation of Vergil'.
[More details]

War and Violence in Ancient Greece
edited by Hans van Wees

ISBN 978-1-905125-34-0, paperback, x+389 pp., 2009,

The study of Greek warfare should involve much more than reconstructing the experience of combat or revisiting the great wars of the classical period. [More details]

What is a God? Studies in the Nature of Greek Divinity
edited by Alan B. Lloyd

ISBN 978-1-905125-35-7, paperback, vii+187 pp., 2009,

This collection of eleven original essays examines the earliest traces of religious thought in the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures, and explores the resemblances between the religious ideas of the Greeks and of non-Greek areas of Asia. [More details]