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  Plutarch and his Intellectual World
edited by Judith Mossman
ISBN 0-7156-2778-3, hardback, xii+249 pp., 1997,

Judith Mossman, the editor of this volume, convened the conference of the Internation Plutarch Society in Dublin in 1994. She is also the author of Wild Justice: A study of Euripides' Hecuba (OUP, 1995).

Plutarch's writings, for long treated in a fragmentary way as a source for earlier periods, are now increasingly studied in their own right. The thirteen original essays in this volume range over Plutarch's relations with his contemporaries and his engagement in philosophical debate, his views on social issues such as education and gender, his modes of expression and his construction of argument. Also treated here are Plutarch's understanding and use of his antecedents, literary and historical, and the sophisticated techniques with which he conveyed his own vision. It is a theme of the present book that the writings of Plutarch should be seen as the product of a single, extraordinarily capacious, intelligence.


1. Hadrian, Favorinus, and Plutarch - Ewen Bowie
2. Favorinus versus Epictetus on the philosophical heritage of Plutarch. A debate on epistemology - Jan Opsomer
3. Thyrsus-bearer of the Academy or enthusiast for Plato? Plutarchs' de Stoicorum repugnantiis - George Boys-Stones
4. Family and the formation of character in Plutarch - Francesca Albini
5. From Olympias to Aretaphila: women in politics in Plutarch - Karin Blomqvist
6. Plutarch, Amatorius 13-18 - Donald Russell
7. Health and politics in Plutarch's de tuenda sanitate praecepta - Luigi Senzasono
8. Plutarch's Dinner of the Seven Wise Men and its place in symposion literature - Judith Mossman
9. Plutarch, Brutus and Brutus' Greek and Latin letters - John Moles
10. Moral ambiguity in Plutarch's Lysander and Sulla - Tim Duff
11. Severed heads: individual portraits and irrational forces in Plutarch's Galba and Otho - Rhiannon Ash
12. Plutarch on Caesar's fall - Christopher Pelling
13. Plutarch and the end of history - John Dillon
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