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  Women's Dress in the Ancient Greek World
edited by Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

ISBN-13: 978-0-7156-3130-0 ISBN-10: 0-7156-3130-6, hardback, xv+260 pp., b/w pls., figs.,  2001,


The editor: Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones has established himself as a leading interpreter of Greek women's dress, and is author of a  major study, Aphrodite's Tortoise: The veiled woman of Ancient Greece (CPW/Duckworth, 2003).

The clothing and ornament of Greek women signalled much about the status and the morality assigned to them. Yet this revealing aspect of women's history has been little studied. In this collection of new studies by an international team, ancient visual evidence from vase-painting and sculpture is used extensively alongside Greek literature to reconstruct how women of the Greek world were perceived, and also, in important ways, how they lived.


"The essays, though concise, are mostly of high quality, opening up the field of 'Greek dress in social and cultural context', a field with enormous potential, and no shortage of material. Indeed this is one of the more substantial and original recent volumes on Greek women and their (self-)representation tout court. The papers of Blundell and Ogden, in particular, deserve to become mainstays of student bibliographies."

-James Davidson, Unversity of Warwick,
Journal of Hellenistic Studies, 125, 2005, pp181-183


1. Constraints and contradictions: whiteness and femininity in ancient Greece - Bridget M. Thomas
2. The graces and colour weaving - Beate Wagner-Hasel
3. Transvestism or travesty? Dance, dress and gender in Greek vase-painting - Tyler Jo Smith
4. The 'language' of female hunting outfit in ancient Greece - Eva Parisinou
5. The meaning of the veil in ancient Greek culture - Douglas L. Cairns
6. Investing the barbarian? The dress of Amazons in Athenian art - Ruth Veness
7. Levels of concealment: the dress of hetairai and pornai in Greek texts - Andrew Dalby
8. Visions of gleaming textiles and a clay core: textiles, Greek women, and Pandora - Judith Lynn Sebesta
9. Clutching at clothes - Sue Blundell
10. A woman's view? Dress, eroticism, and the ideal female body in Athenian art - Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
11. Controlling women's dress: gynaikonomoi - Daniel Ogden
12. Clothes as sign: the case of the large and small Herculaneum women - Glenys Davies
13. 'Dedicated followers of fashion': John Chrysostom on female dress - Aideen M. Hartney