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  Spartan Society
edited by Thomas J. Figueira
ISBN-13: 978-0-9543845-7-9 ISBN-10: 0-9543845-7-1, hardback, xv+389 pp., 2004,

The editor: Thomas J. Figueira was born on Broadway in Manhattan in 1948 and educated in the public schools of New York City and Poughkeepsie, New York. He received his Ph.D in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania in 1977. He is the author of Aegina (1981), Athens and Aigina in the Age of Imperial Colonization (1991), Excursions in Epichoric History (1993), The Power of Money: Coinage and Politics in the Athenian Empire (1998), co-author of Wisdom from the Ancients (2001), and co-editor of Theognis of Megara: Poetry and the Polis (1985). He has written numerous articles, chapters, contributions, and reviews.

This is the fifth volume from the International Sparta Seminar, in the series founded by Anton Powell and Stephen Hodkinson. Thomas J. Figueira is here the editor of sixteen papers; fifteen are new, the other is newly translated from the French. Among the authors are most of the world's leading authorities on the history of Sparta. There are particular concentrations of papers on Spartan women; the economy of Sparta; helots and Messenians; Xenophon and Sparta; and the modern reception of Sparta.


Introduction - Thomas J. Figueira
1. Snatching and keeping: The motif of taking in Spartan culture - Stefan Link
2. Suicide in Spartan society - Ephraim David
3. The nature of the Spartan kleros - Thomas J. Figueira
4. The Hyakinthia of Sparta - Nicolas Richer
5. Female property ownership and empowerment in classical and Hellenistic Sparta - Stephen Hodkinson
6. The women of Sparta - and of other Greek cities - at war - Anton Powell
7. Women's way of death: fatal childbirth or hierai? Commemorative stones at Sparta and Plutarch, Lycurgus, 27.3 - Pierre Brulé and Laurent Piolot Translated by Anton Powell
8. The logic of terror: Thucydides, Spartan duplicity and an improbable massacre - Annalisa Paradiso
9. The clandestine massacre of the helots (Thucydides 4.80) - David Harvey
10. Orestes at Sparta: The political significance of the grave of the hero - Klaus-Wilhelm Welwei
11. Xenophon's sons in Sparta? Perspectives on xenoi in the Spartan upbringing - Noreen Humble
12. Xenophon, Artemis and Scillus - Christopher Tuplin
13. Aristomenes of Messenia and his talismanic shield - Daniel Ogden
14. Utopia on the Eurotas: Economic aspects of the Spartan mirage - Paul Christesen
15. The paradigm of democracy: Sparta in Enlightenment thought - Ian Macgregor Morris
16. Loyalty and liberty: Thermopylae in western imagination - Emma Clough