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  Sociable Man: Essays on Ancient Greek Social Behaviour in Honour of Nick Fisher
edited by S.D. Lambert
ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-51-7 ISBN-10: 1-905125-51-8, hardback, 350pp, 10 b&w illus, 2011,
Sociable Man, which celebrates the work of Nick Fisher, Emeritus Professor of Ancient History at Cardiff University, contains essays by leading classicists, ancient historians and archaeologists on the theme of ancient Greek social behaviour. Fifteen original papers reflect the diversity and the unities in the honorand's interests: politics and law (Hans van Wees on Solon's law of hybris, John K. Davies on the biography of a fourth-century Athenian politician); social values, including honour, dishonour and hybris (Stephen Lambert on honorific inscriptions, Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones on domestic violence, Louis Rawlings on a dog named Hybris, James Whitley on victory dedications, Douglas Cairns on ransom and revenge in Homer); social relations in the Athenian navy (Sam Potts); gender and power (Janett Morgan on gendering of domestic space, Sian Lewis on women and tyranny, Ruth Westgate on animal imagery in mosaics); citizen identity, Athenian (Robin Osborne on the influence of Attic local environments on citizen formation) and Arcadian (James Roy on the Arcadian reputation for backwardness); and sexuality (David Konstan on Alciphron and the invention of pornography, Emma Stafford on masturbation). The papers will be essential reading for researchers and students of ancient Greek literature, history and archaeology. The book also includes tributes by Paul Cartledge and P. J. Shaw, respectively, on Fisher's place in research and teaching of ancient Greek social history.
Foreword - Pamela-Jane Shaw
Athenian social history: after Nick Fisher - Paul Cartledge
Hegesippos of Sounion: an underrated politician - John K.Davies
Local environment, memory, and the formation of the citizen in classical Attica - Robin Osborne
Co-operation, competition and clients: the social dynamics of the Athenian navy - Sam Potts
On seeming backward: how the Arkadians did it - James Roy
Ransom and revenge in the Iliad - Douglas Cairns
The Law of Hybris? and Solon’s Reform of Justice - Hans van Wees
A Dog Called Hybris - Louis Rawlings
Hybris and Nike: Agency, victory and commemoration in Panhellenic sanctuaries - James Whitley
What was the point of inscribed honorific decrees in classical Athens? - Stephen Lambert
Women and Tyranny - Sian Lewis
Domestic abuse and violence against women in Ancient Greece - Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
Drunken men and modern myths: re-viewing the Classical andron - Janett Morgan
Party animals: the imagery of status, power and masculinity in Greek mosaics - Ruth Westgate
Alciphron and the invention of pornography - David Konstan
Clutching the chickpea: private pleasures of the bad boyfriend - Emma Stafford
Appendix: Bibliography of Nick Fisher