Sex and Gender in Ancient Egypt. "Don your wig for a joyful hour"
edited by Carolyn Graves-Brown

ISBN: 978-1-905125-24-1, 245 pp, 2008,

This volume offers new research on an essential but often controversial aspect of life in Dynastic Egypt. Its originality lies in combining research which uses Egyptology’s traditional strengths, philological and iconographic, with reflections on material culture and on the discipline of Egyptology itself. The authors are internationally-recognized authorities in their fields.
The editor
Carolyn Graves-Brown is curator of the Egypt Centre, Swansea University. She has published several papers on the religious significance of flint in dynastic Egypt and has recently published her monograph Dancing for Hathor: Women in Ancient Egypt.


Introduction: Gender, sex and loss of innocence - Carolyn Graves-Brown
1. The problem of female rebirth in New Kingdom Egypt: the fragmentation of the female individual in her funerary equipment - Kathlyn M. Cooney
2. Queering sex and gender in ancient Egypt - Thomas A. Dowson
3. Power on their own: gender and social roles in provincial New Kingdom Egypt - Terence DuQuesne
4. People vs. P. Turin 5500163 - Jirí Janák and Hana Navrátilová
5. Breaches of cooperative rules. Metaphors and parody in ancient Egyptian love songs - Renata Landgráfová
6. Rules of decorum and expressions of gender fluidity in Tawosret’s tomb - Heather Lee McCarthy
7. Boasting about hardness: constructions of Middle Kingdom masulinity - R.B. Parkinson
8. Queer Egyptologies of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep - Greg Reeder
9. Did women ‘do things’ in ancient Egypt? (circa 2600–1050 BCE) - Carolyn Routledge
10. The bearded woman and the queen. The formation and transformation of female divine classifiers - Racheli Shalomi-Hen
11.Gender and requests in New Kingdom literature - Deborah Sweeney