Reviews: Roman Perspectives: Studies in the Social, Political and Cultural History of the First to Fifth Centuries

BMCR Review

Gnomon 2012: 571

"The volume under review collects 11 previously published papers by John Matthews and presents six more in print for the first time. The essays as a whole participate in three genres of scholarship: close readings of prose texts, with the aim of elucidating what their authors were prepared to see about the worlds they studied and in which they lived and how they conveyed that information within the literary conventions of their day; prosopographic studies, focusing not on careers so much as the reconstruction of social milieux; and legal history, consisting in two fine essays on the Romanness of the post-Roman legal writing in the west. Overall these are well-documented and superbly crafted, and they have been well and carefully integrated in respect to editorial conventions."

Clifford Ando - Chicago