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  The Limits of Ancient Biography
edited by Brian McGing and Judith Mossman
ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-12-8 ISBN-10: 1-905125-12-7, hardback, 450pp, 2007,
The genre of biography in the ancient world is interestingly diverse and permeable and deserves intensive study, bearing as it does on ideas of characterization and the individual. This volume considers both the form and the content of biography across the ancient world, and is particularly interested in the frontiers with other related genres, such as history.
The papers range from the Old Testament to the Arab world, from the New Testament to the Lives of Saints, from the classic Greek and Roman biographers to less well known practitioners of the art.
The editors BRIAN MCGING is Regius Professor of Greek at Trinity College, Dublin, and a Member of the Royal Irish Academy. He is co-director of the Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies, a research project studying the interchange between east and west in the ancient world, and funded under the Irish Government's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutes. His main research interests are Hellenistic Asia Minor and Greco-Roman Egypt. He is currently working on a book on Polybius.
JUDITH MOSSMAN is Professor of Classics at the University of Nottingham. She was previously Senior Lecturer and Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, and an associate of the Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies. She has published a number of articles on Plutarch and has also edited a volume of essays entitled Plutarch and his Intellectual World (Classical Press of Wales 1997). She also writes books and articles on aspects of Greek Tragedy, especially Euripides. She is married with one son.
Introduction - Brian McGing and Judith Mossman
1. Biography in the ancient world: the story of the rise of David - Andrew D.H. Mayes
2. The biographies of poets: the case of Solon - Elizabeth Irwin
3. Reading the Gospels as biography - Richard A. Burridge
4 Gospel and genre: some reservations - Mark Edwards
5. Mark's Gospel and ancient biography - Sean Freyne
6. The Acts of the Apostles as biography - Justin Taylor
7. Cynic influence upon first-century Judaism and early Christianity? - John Moles
8. Philo's adaptation of the Bible in his Life of Moses - Brian McGing
9. Portrait of the Sophist as a young man - Ewen Bowie
10. Holy and not so holy: on the interpretation of late antique biography - John Dillon
11. Justice for Justus: a re-examination of Justus of Tiberias' role in Josephus' Autobiography - Zuleika Rodgers
12. Sacred writing, sacred reading: the function of Aelius Aristides' self-presentation as author in the Sacred Tales - Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis
13. Dreams of glory: Lucian as autobiographer - Noreen Humble and Keith Sidwell
14. The Cynic and Christian lives of Lucian's Peregrinus - Jason König
15. Breaking the bounds: writing about Julius Caesar - Christopher Pelling
16. Travel writing, history, and biography - Judith Mossman
17. 'This in-between book': language, politics and genre in the Agricola - Tim Whitmarsh
18. Biography in letters; biography and letters - Michael Trapp
19. Lords of the Flies: literacy and tyranny in imperial biography - Alexei V. Zadorojnyi
20. Beyond the limits of Greek biography: Galen from Alexandria to the Arabs - Simon Swain