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  Law, Rhetoric and Comedy in Classical Athens. Essays in honour of Douglas M. MacDowell
edited by D.L. Cairns and R.A. Knox
ISBN-13: 978-0-9543845-5-5 ISBN-10: 0-9543845-5-5, hardback, xxiii+296 pp., 2004, GB £45.00

The editors: D.L. Cairns received his PhD from the University of Glasgow, under the direction of D.M. MacDowell and A.F. Garvie. R.A. Knox was a colleague of D.M. MacDowell (who also jointly supervised his DPhil) for thirty years.

The honorand: D.M. MacDowell (MA, DLitt, FRSE, FBA) was from 1971 until his retirement in 2001 Professor of Greek in the University of Glasgow. His many publications include (ed.) Andokides, On the Mysteries (1962), Athenian Homicide Law (1963), (ed.) Aristophanes, Wasps (1971), The Law in Classical Athens (1978), (ed.) Demosthenes, Against Meidias (Oration 21) (1991), Aristophanes and Athens (1995) and (ed.) Demosthenes, On the False Embassy (Oration 19) (2000).

An international cast of distinguished scholars here offers seventeen new contributions on the detail and development of Athenian law; the life, work, and political background of the Attic orators; and the intersection of Attic Comedy with Athenian law, politics, and society. In their detailed and careful use of evidence and deep awareness of social and historical contexts, the essays aspire to standards set by their distinguished honorand, Professor D.M. MacDowell.


D.L. Cairns and R.A. Knox
D.M. MacDowell: List of Publications
1. Aspects of oral law in archaic Greece - Ilias Arnaoutoglou
2. Writing Athenian law - Michael Gagarin
3. Law of procedure in Attic inscriptions - Gerhard Thür
4. Contracts in Athens - David C. Mirhady
5. Textual arguments for the date of the In Alcibiadem in the Corpus of Andokides - Luisa Prandi
6. Antiphon the revolutionary - Michael J. Edwards
7. Revisiting the herms and the mysteries - S.C. Todd
8. Andocides' defence and MacDowell's solution - Edwin Carawan
9. Lysias for pleasure? - Stephen Usher
10. Antiphon's daughter - Christopher Carey
11. Isokrates for hire: Some preliminaries to a commentary on Isokrates 16-21 - David Whitehead
12. Stirring up dicastic anger - Lene Rubinstein
13. Comedy and the unspeakable - Alan H. Sommerstein
14. Aristophanes and the Athenian assembly - P.J. Rhodes
15. The limits of allegory and allusion in Aristophanes - Sir Kenneth Dover
16. From sacrifice to feast: a ritual pattern in Aristophanic comedy - Pavlos Sfyroeras
17. Menander's Epitrepontes in the light of the new papyri - W.G. Arnott