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  The Eyesore of the Aigina
Edited by Anton Powell and Katerina Meidani
ISBN: 9781905125593, pp275, Hardback
Our ideas about ancient Athens are constructed very largely from the writings of Athenian authors. Relatively rare are our sources for how others - whether Greeks, Asiatics or Romans - saw Athens from the outside. Yet we can see that not only did many across the Mediterranean world resist the political power of Athens in countless wars over several centuries, but that there existed an intriguing variety of anti-Athenian ideologies. This volume traces negative thinking about Athens from the late archaic period to Roman times. It challenges the easy modern supposition that Athens was generally seen as the cultural emblem of Greece, and casts light on the thinking of ancient peoples who - nowadays - tend to exist in Athens' shadow.

The Contributors
Kostas Buraselis
Christy Constantakopoulou
John K. Davies
Martin Dreher
Dorothy Figueira
Thomas J. Figueira
Nikos Giannakopoulos
Ioanna Kralli
Dominique Lenfant
Lynette Mitchell
Maria Plastira--Valkanou
Anton Powel