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edited by Douglas Cairns and Vayos Liapis
ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-13-5 ISBN-10: 1-905125-13-5, hardback. 300pp, 2006,
In seventeen original essays, a distinguished international cast considers the text, interpretation and cultural context of Greek tragedy. There are detailed studies of single plays, of major themes in each of the three tragedians, of modern approaches to tragic text and interpretation, and of the genre's social, religious and political background. Some of tragedy's most distinguished interpreters here present their latest work, and pay tribute to the scholarly achievements of the volume's honorand, Professor A.F. Garvie.

The editors: DOUGLAS CAIRNS is Professor of Classics in the University of Edinburgh. His publications on Greek literature and thought include the monograph Aidos: The psychology and ethics of honour and shame in ancient Greek literature (OUP, 1993). He has edited Oxford Readings in Homer's Iliad (OUP, 2001), and Body Language in the Greek and Roman Worlds (Classical Press of Wales, 2005).

VAYOS LIAPIS is associate professor of Greek at the Université de Montréal. His publications include a commentary on 'Menander's' Monostichoi and a monograph entitled The Unknown God: Limits of human knowledge in the Presocratics and in Oedipus Tyrannus. He has also published papers on Greek tragedy and Hellenistic poetry. He is currently preparing a commentary on [Euripides'] Rhesus.

" For this reviewer the pieces by Cairns, Craik and Liapis have been particularly provocative and revealing, but there can be few students of Greek tragedy who cannot learn something of value and interest from each of the seventeen contributions. Readers who have appreciated and profited from Garvie's learning and discernment can take vicarious satisfaction from this commendable and fitting tribute to a distinguished scholar."

- Rory B. Egan, Mouseion, Series III, Vol 8, No 1, 2008



Introduction: Douglas Cairns and Vayos Liapis
List of publications
1. Aeschylus' Persai - the entry of tragedy into the celebration culture of the 470s? - Oliver Taplin
2. - A.J. Podlecki
3. King and Demos in Aeschylus - Martin West
4. Nineteen notes on Aeschylus, Agamemnon - Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones
5. Tragic persons in pieces, in fragments at first, and lastly in Choephori 211 - Christopher Collard
6. Some remarks on methods of critics and editors of Aeschylus from the 17th to the 19th century - Vittorio Citti
7. Prometheus Bound: drama and enactment - Jean Bollack
8. Vaticinium post eventum and the position of the Supplices in the Danaid Trilogy - Martin Hose
9. Virtue and vicissitude: the paradoxes of the Ajax - Douglas Cairns
10. The death of Oedipus and what happened next - P.E. Easterling
11. Stars and heroines in Euripides' Helen (Helen 375-85) - David B. Robinson
12. An instance of Euripidean 'modernism': Orestes 1-3 - Pierre Judet de La Combe
13. The opening of Euripides' Archelaus - Scott Scullion
14. Ghosts, wand'ring here and there: Orestes the revenant in Athens - Vayos Liapis
15. Rape and consent in Athenian tragedy - Alan H. Sommerstein
16. The 'social function' of tragedy: clarifications and questions - Malcolm Heath
17. Tragedy as treatment: medical analogies in Aristotle's Poetics - Elizabeth Craik
Index rerum
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