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  Cicero on the Attack: Invective and subversion in the orations and beyond
edited by Joan Booth
ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-19-7 ISBN-10: 1-905125-19-4, hardback, 220pp. 2007.
Eight new essays, from a distinguished international cast, examine the techniques of Cicero's verbal aggression. Analysis includes political and forensic context but also Cicero's own formal theory of rhetoric and his debts to other genres, literary and dramatic.
The editor Joan Booth is Professor of Latin Language and Literature at Leiden University in The Netherlands. She was formerly Reader in Classics at the University of Wales, Swansea, and is author of A Commentary on Ovid, Amores II.
Introduction: man and matter - Joan Booth
1. Invective and the orator: Ciceronian theory and practice - J.G.F. Powell
2. Ciceronian invective: themes and variations - Robin Seager
3. The semantics and pragmatics of Ciceronian invective - Javier Uría
4. Smear and spin: Ciceronian tactics in De Lege Agraria I - Keith Hopwood
5. Name and shame? Invective against Clodius and others in the post-exile speeches - Catherine Steel
6. Acting the part: techniques of the comic stage in Cicero's early speeches - Byron Harries
7. Greek auxiliaries: tragedy and philosophy in Ciceronian invective - Ingo Gildenhard
8. 'What a funny consul we have!' Cicero's dealings with Cato Uticensis and prominent friends in opposition - Rogier L. van der Wal