Panhellenism and the Barbarian in Archaic and Classical Greece
by Lynette Mitchell

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-14-2 ISBN-10: 1-905125-14-3, hardback, 300pp, 2007,

This is the first book in English to provide a systematic treatment of Panhellenism. The author argues that in archaic and classical Greece Panhellenism defined the community of the Hellenes and gave it political substance. [More details]

  Patterns in the Economy of Asia Minor
edited by Stephen Mitchell and Constantina Katsari

ISBN-13 978-1-905125-02-9, hardback, 350 pp., 2005,

Asia Minor under Rome was one of the wealthiest and most developed parts of the Empire, but there have been few modern studies of its economics.  [More details]


Persian Responses: Political and cultural interaction with(in) the Achaemenid Empire
edited by Christopher Tuplin

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-18-0 ISBN-10: 1-905125-18-6, hardback, 350pp, 2007,

A generation ago the Achaemenid Empire was a minor sideshow within long-established disciplines. For Greek historians the Persians were the defeated national enemy, a catalyst of change in the aftermath of the fall of Athens or the victim of Alexander. For Egyptologists and Assyriologists they belonged to an era that received scant attention compared with the glory days of the New Kingdom or the Neo-Assyrian Empire. For most archaeologists they were elusive in a material record that lacked a distinctively Achaemenid imprint. Things have changed now. [More details]

  The Philosopher and Society in Late Antiquity. Essays in honour of Peter Brown
edited by Andrew Smith

ISBN-13 978-0-9543845-8-6, xiv+250 pp., 2005,

The philosophers of Late Antiquity have sometimes appeared to be estranged from society. 'We must flee everything physical' is one of the most prominent ideas taken by Augustine from Platonic literature. [More details]

  Pisidian Antioch. The site and its monuments
by Stephen Mitchell and Marc Waelkens

ISBN-13 978-0-7156-2860-7, hardback, xviii+249 pp., 146 b/w pls., 43 figs., 1997,

The city of Pisidian Antioch was founded in the Hellenistic period by the Seleucids, in what is now south-west Turkey. [More details]

  Plutarch and his Intellectual World
edited by Judith Mossman

ISBN-10: 0-7156-2778-3, hardback, xii+249 pp., 1997,

Plutarch's writings, for long treated in a fragmentary way as a source for earlier periods, are now increasingly studied in their own right. [More details]

Currently Out of Print

  Plutarch and History
by Christopher Pelling

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-53-1 ISBN-10: 1-905125-53-4, paperback, 2011,
ISBN-13 978-0-7156-3128-7, hardback, xiv+493 pp., 2002,

Much of ancient history can only be written thanks to evidence supplied by Plutarch. [More details]

  Plutarch's Lives: Parallelism and Purpose
edited by Noreen Humble

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-41-8 ISBN-10: 1-905125-41-0, hardback, 300pp, 2010,

Plutarch's Parallel Lives were written to compare famous Greeks and Romans. This most obvious aspect of their parallelism is frequently ignored in the drive to mine Plutarch for historical fact. [More details]

Poetry Underpinning Power: Vergil's Aeneid: The Epic for Emperor Augustus
by Hans-Peter Stahl

ISBN-9781910589045, hardback, 2016, ppxii + 488 ,

Stahl's new monograph is the most thorough study so far to question modern Virgilian criticism on philological grounds. He bases himself on the internal logic and rhetoric of the Aeneid, and considers also political, historical, archaeological and philosophical subjects addressed by the poem. [More details]

  Polygamy, Prostitutes and Death. The Hellenistic dynasties
by Daniel Ogden

ISBN-10: 0-7156-2930-1, hardback, xxxiv+317 pp., 1999,

The Hellenistic royal families, from Alexander the Great to the last Cleopatra, took part in dynastic in-fighting that was vicious. [More details]

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The Power of Individual and Community in Ancient Athens And Beyond
Essays in Honour of John K. Davies

ISBN 978-1-910589-73-1 .h/b.2019 illus. pp. xxvii + 336.

The pioneering ideas of John Kenyon Davies, one of the most significant Ancient Historians of the past half century, are celebrated in this collection of essays. [More Details]

  Praise and Blame in Roman Republican Rhetoric
edited by Christopher Smith and Ralph Covino

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-46-3 ISBN-10: 1-905125-46-1, hardback, 330pp, 2010,

Cicero, and others in the Roman Republic, were masters of both invective and panegyric, two hugely important genres in ancient oratory, which influenced the later theory and practice of rhetoric. [More details]
  Property and Wealth in Classical Sparta
by Stephen Hodkinson

ISBN 978-1-905125-30-2, paperback, xiii+498 pp., maps, figs., 2009,

The standard image of Sparta is of an egalitarian, military society which disdained material possessions.  Yet property and wealth played a critical role in her history. [More details]


  Rape in Antiquity
edited by Susan Deacy and Karen F. Pierce

ISBN-10: 0-7156-2754-6, hardback, ix+274 pp., b/w pls.,

How did Greeks and Romans perceive rape? How seriously was it taken, and who were seen as its main victims? [More details]

Currently Out of Print

  Reason and Necessity. Essays on Plato's Timaeus
edited by M.R. Wright

ISBN-13 978-0-7156-3057-0, hardback, xvi+191 pp., 2000,

Plato's Timaeus contains a powerful and influential myth, of the construction of the universe by a divine craftsman. A god imposes reason on necessity, to bring order from a primeval 'receptacle' of disordered matter. [More details]

  The Rivals of Aristophanes. Studies in Athenian Old Comedy
edited by David Harvey and John Wilkins

ISBN-13 978-0-7156-3045-7, hardback, xx+556 pp., 2000,

The work of the 'other' comic poets of classical Athens, those who competed with, and in some cases defeated, their (eventually) better-known fellow comedian, Aristophanes, has almost eluded the historical record. [More details]

  Roman Crossings. Theory and practice in the Roman Republic
edited by Kathryn Welch and T.W. Hillard

ISBN-13 978-1-905125-00-5, hardback, 300 pp., 2005,

Eleven new essays, from an international cast, trace the development of political culture in the Roman Republic.  [More details]


Roman Perspectives: Studies in the Social, Political and Cultural History of the First to Fifth Centuries
by John Matthews

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-39-5 ISBN-10: 1-905125-39-9, hardback, 350p, 2009,

The fifteen papers in this volume discuss issues of Roman social, cultural and political history from the foundation of the Principate to the age of barbarian settlements of the west. [More details]