The Ancient Lives of Virgil
Edited by Phillip Hardie and Anton Powell

ISBN: 9781910589618 I Hardback

The Ancient Lives of the poet Virgil, written in prose or verse, are of great, though controversial, influence.
The present volume, from a distinguished international team, aims to revalue the Ancient Lives of Virgil in a variety of scholarly genres. [More details]


Ancient Macedonians in theGreek And Roman Sources.. From History yo Historiography.
Edited by Timothy Howe and Frances Pownall

ISBN-13 9781910589700 ISBN-10 1910589705, hardback, xv 301pp, 2018

Recent scholars have analysed ways in which authors of the Roman era appropriated the figure of Alexander the Great. The essays in this collection, by an international team of scholars, cast a wider net. They show how classical Greek, hellenistic and Roman authors reinterpreted, sometimes misinterpreted, information on ancient Macedonians to serve their own literary and political aims. [More Details]


Appian's Roman History: Empire and Civil War
Edited by: Kathryn Welch

ISBN-9781910589007, hardback, pp xi + 403, 2015,

Appian of Alexandria lived in the early-to-mid second century AD, a time when the pax Romana flourished. His Roman History traced, through a series of ethnographic histories, the growth of Roman power throughout Italy and the Mediterranean World. [More details]

  Aphrodite's Tortoise. The veiled woman of ancient Greece
by Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-42-5 ISBN-10: 1-905125-42-9, paperback,
ISBN-13 978-0-9543-845-3-1, hardback, 350 pp., 2003

Greek women routinely wore the veil. That is the unexpected finding of this major study. [More details]

  Approaches to Homer. Ancient and modern
edited by Robert J. Rabel

ISBN-13 978-1-905125-04-3, hardback, 240 pp.,

Ten new essays, from a distinguished cast of (mainly) North American scholars, approach Homer with insights gained from the modern disciplines of psychology and anthropology, narratology, oral theory and cognitive research.  [More details]

  Archaic Greece. New evidence and new approaches
edited by Nick Fisher and Hans van Wees

ISBN-13 978-0-7156-2809-6, hardback, 464 pp., 1998,

The study of archaic Greece is being transformed by exciting discoveries and interpretations. [More details]


Aristocracy in Antiquity: Redefining Greek and Roman Elites
Edited by: Nick Fisher and Hans van Wees

ISBN-9781910589014, hardback, 2015, vii + 390,

The words 'aristocrats', 'aristocracy' and 'aristocratic values' appear in many a study of ancient history and culture. Sometimes these terms are used with a precise meaning. More often they are casual shorthand for 'upper class', 'ruling elite' and 'high standards'. This book brings together 12 new studies by an impressive international cast of specialists. [More details]

  Aristomenes of Messene. Legends of Sparta's nemesis
by Daniel Ogden

ISBN-13 978-0-9543-845-4-8, hardback, 240 pp., 2004,

The legends of Aristomenes, hero of the Messenian resistance to Sparta, were designed to excite, gratify and amuse. Yet they remain almost unknown even to specialist ancient historians. [More details]

  Battle in Antiquity
edited by Alan B. Lloyd

ISBN 978-1-905125-27-2, paperback, 2009,

How do fighting men act and feel in battle? How do they deal with the trauma of conflict? What determines the outcome of battle? [More details]

  Behind Closed Eyes. Dreams and nightmares in ancient Egypt
by Kasia Szpakowska

ISBN-13 978-0-9543845-0-0, hardback, 200 pp., 2003

This book is the first to present a comprehensive study of dreams as they were perceived and interpreted by the Egyptians in the third and second millennia BC - from Old Kingdom to New Kingdom. [More details]


Body Language in the Greek and Roman World
edited by D.L. Cairns

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-01-2 ISBN-10: 1-905125-01-1, hardback, 300 pp., 2005,  

A distinguished cast of scholars discusses models of gesture and non-verbal communication as they apply to Greek and Roman culture, literature and art. [More details]


George Buchanan: Poet and Dramatist
edited by Philip Ford and Roger P.H. Green

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-36-4 ISBN-10: 1-905125-36-4, hardback, 380pp, 2009,

Educated in Scotland and France, George Buchanan became one of the most influential writers of 16th century Europe. Writing in the lingua franca of his time - Classical Latin - he was to be hailed internationally as `easily the prince of poets'. [More details]


Catullus: A Textual Reappraisal
by J M Trappes-Lomax

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-15-9 ISBN-10: 1-905125-15-1, hardback, 200pp, 2007,

The poems of Catullus have notoriously been subjected to numerous accidental corruptions. This work represents a radical reappraisal of his text. [More details]


Cicero on the Attack: Invective and subversion in the orations and beyond
edited by Joan Booth

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-19-7 ISBN-10: 1-905125-19-4, hardback, 220pp. 2007.

Eight new essays, from a distinguished international cast, examine the techniques of Cicero's verbal aggression. Analysis includes political and forensic context but also Cicero's own formal theory of rhetoric and his debts to other genres, literary and dramatic. [More details]


Ciris: A Poem from the Appendix Vergiliana
By Boris Kayachev

ISBN 978-1-910589-81-6, ISBN-10 1910589810, Hardback, 2020, pp ix 197, .50

The Ciris is a small-scale epic poem which relates the myth of Scylla, daughter of king Nisus of Megara, who betrayed her homeland for love and was transformed into a sea-bird, ciris. It is one of the poems in the Appendix Vergiliana, a collection that has been ascribed to Virgil as his carmina minora. Earlier scholarship has mostly been concerned to prove that the Ciris is not by Virgil, and then to demonstrate that it is a late and derivative composition of little intrinsic merit. [More details]


Coins of the Roman Revolution 49BC-AD14
Edited by Anton Powell and Andrew Burnett

ISBN 978-1-910589-76-2, ISBN-10 1910589764, Hardback, 2020, pp 238,

Coins of the best-known Roman revolutionary era allow rival pretenders to speak to us directly.
After the deaths of Caesar and Cicero (in 44 and 43BC) hardly one word has been reliably transmitted to us from even the two most powerful opponents of Octavian: Mark Antony and Sextus Pompeius – except through coinage and the occasional inscription. The coins are an antidote to a widespread fault in modern approaches: the idea, from hindsight, that the Roman Republic was doomed, that the rise of Octavian-Augustus to monarchy was inevitable, and that contemporaries might have sensed as much. [More details]

  Competition in the Ancient World
edited by Nick Fisher and Hans van Wees

ISBN: 978-1-905125-48-7, 302pp, 2010,

Ancient peoples, like modern, spent much of their lives engaged in and thinking about competitions: both organised competitions with rules, audiences and winners, such as Olympic and gladiatorial games, and informal, indefinite, often violent, competition for fundamental goals such as power, wealth and honour. [More details]

Greek and Roman Consolations:
Eight studies of a tradition and its afterlife
H Baltussen (Ed)

ISBN 13: 978190512556, hardback, 232pp, 2012,

In the Ancient World death came – on average - at a far earlier age than in today’s West, and without the authoritative warnings given by modern medicine. Consolation for the trauma of loss had, accordingly, a more prominent role to play. This volume presents eight original studies on consolatory writings from ancient Greek, Roman, early Christian and Arabic societies. [More details]

  Creating a Hellenistic World
edited by Andrew Erskine and Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-43-2 ISBN-10: 1-905125-43-7, hardback, 380pp, 2010,

Alexander's conquest of the Persian empire had far-reaching impact, in space and time. Much of the territory that he seized would remain under the control of Macedonian kings until the arrival of the Romans. But Macedonian power also brought with it Greeks and Greek culture. [More details]
  Cremna in Pisidia
by Stephen Mitchell with contributions by Sarah Cormack, Robin Fursdon, Jean Ozturk and Eddie Owens

ISBN-13 978-0-7156-2696-2, hardback, 329 pp., 1995,

Cremna, a ruined city in southern Turkey, has one of the most spectacular sites in Asia Minor, high in the Taurus mountains. [More details]


Didactic Poetry of Greece, Rome and Beyond: Knowledge, power, tradition.
Edited by Lilah Grace Canevaro and Donncha O’Rourke

ISBN 978-1-910589-79-3, 280pp, 2019,

Here ten scholars examine poetic texts of wisdom and teaching related to the line of Greek and Latin poems descended from Hesiod. [More details]

  Dialectic in Action. An examination of Plato's Crito
by Michael C. Stokes

ISBN-13 978-0-9543845-9-3, hardback, x+246 pp., 2005,

Plato's Crito examines a single moral decision, whether Socrates ought to escape from his death-cell. Stokes's book discusses Socrates' arguments against Crito's offer of escape. [More details]


edited by Douglas Cairns and Vayos Liapis

ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-13-5 , hardback, 300pp, 2006,

In seventeen original essays, a distinguished international cast considers the text, interpretation and cultural context of Greek tragedy. [More details]