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  The Lost Memoirs of Augustus
edited by Christopher Smith and Anton Powell
ISBN-13: 978-1-905125-25-8 ISBN-10: 1-905125-25-9, hardback, 230pp, 2008,

Augustus' Memoirs, written probably in the mid 20s BC, might have been one of the most revealing texts of Roman history - had they survived. Far longer than his surviving Res Gestae, the Memoirs seem to date from a period at which the wounds of Rome's civil wars were fresh, and the emperor's partisan past might be recalled with discomfort. Existing fragments and testimonia have suggested that the work was apologetic in purpose. In this, the first ever comprehensive study of the subject, a cast of internationally-respected scholars reconstruct aspects of the work, its importance for historians, and its relation to Roman literary genre. The book also contains, by kind permission of Oxford University Press, the fragments and testimonia of the Memoirs as they will appear, newly edited by Christopher Smith, in 'The Fragmentary Roman Historians'.

The Editors: Christopher Smith is Professor of Ancient History at the University of St. Andrews, UK. Anton Powell is Director of the University of Wales Institute of Classics & Ancient History, and author of Virgil the Partisan .



"The contributions here... offer a great deal on Augustus’ early career, the form and likeliest antecedents for his Commentarii (Sulla looms much larger here than Julius Caesar), and their function in the politics of the early principate...Specialists in the period will find much to mine and debate in a volume that should be in all graduate libraries."

Niall W. Slater Classical World 104.4 (2011)


Cato and the origins of the memoir - Tim Cornell
Was there a genre of the memoir? Or, Did Augustus know what he was doing? - Christopher Pelling
Octavian the runaway: defending a military reputation in the Memoirs? - Anton Powell
Why end at the Cantabrian War? - John Rich
Sulla's Memoirs and Roman autobiography - Christopher Smith
Felicitas and the Memoirs of Sulla - Alexander Thein
Divining a lost text: Augustus' autobiography and the Bios Kaisaros of Nicolaus of Damascus - Mark Toher
Alternative memories: tales from the other side in the civil war - Kathryn Welch
Augustus, Sulla and the supernatural - Peter Wiseman.