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Ancient Macedonians in theGreek And Roman Sources.. From History yo Historiography.

edited by Timothy Howe and Frances Pownall
ISBN-13 9781910589700 ISBN-10 1910589705, hardback, xv 301pp, 2018
Recent scholars have analysed ways in which authors of the Roman era appropriated the figure of Alexander the Great. The essays in this collection, by an international team of scholars, cast a wider net. They show how classical Greek, hellenistic and Roman authors reinterpreted, sometimes misinterpreted, information on ancient Macedonians to serve their own literary and political aims. Although Roman ideas pervade the historiographical tradition, this volume shows that the manipulation of ancient Macedonian history largely occurred much earlier. It reflected the complicated dynastic politics of the Argead royal house, the efforts of Alexander himself to redefine Macedonian kingship, and the competing strategies of the Successors to claim his legacy. Facing the complexity of the source tradition about the ancient Macedonians yields a richer and more balanced reflection of both the history and the historiography of this important and controversial people.

The contributors

Victor Alonso Troncoso
Sulochana Asirvatham
Hugh Bowden
Elizabeth Carney
Rebecca Frank
Timothy Howe
Paul Johstono
Alexander Meeus
Sabine Müller
Daniel Ogden
Frances Pownall